Project Name:Centergate Distribution Park (3555)

Location:San Bernardino, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,455,938.00

Project Summary:

Kana installed storm drainage systems and improvements for onsite and offsite work which required good communication and working in unity to appease both private and public agencies.

Highlights: Installed approximately 6,500 LF of combined onsite and offsite 18", 24", 36", 42", 48" and 54" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), catch basins and grating catch basins, local depressions, manholes, and junction structures per American Public Works Association (APWA) specifications; a 36" corrugated metal pipe inlet structure, concrete collars, concrete bulkhead, reinforced concrete box, transition structure from pipe to box offsite, and Drainage Inlet per Cal Trans spec D73, G-1.

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