Project Name:Canvas (6699)

Location:Lakewood, CA


Contract Value:$ 900,000’s

Project Summary:

Sewer, storm drain and water improvements for new residential construction tract homes.


Sewer pipeline work consists of over 1,200 LF of 8" and 12" vitrified clay pipe (VCP) and laterals as well as over 250 LF of 8" cement-lined ductile iron pipe (DIP) and laterals, 48" sewer manholes, several 48" shallow manholes, concrete encasements;

Offsite Public Water Pipeline Improvements consist of over 300 LF of 6"-12" DIP, fittings and thrust blocks, gate valves, fire hydrants, a dual above-ground meter assembly, an double detector check, 1" irrigation water services, including meters and boxes, backflow devices, as well as removals;

Domestic, Potable Private Water Pipeline construction consists of over 500LF of 4" PVC CL 150 pipeline main, water services, fittings and thrust blocks, gate valves, shut off valves and yard box;

Private Fireline Pipeline Work consist of over 1,600 LF of 4" thru 8" PVC Class 150 pipe main, fire hydrants, building risers, fittings and thrust blocks, fire department connection;

Precise Grading Storm Drainage Systems includes over 1,700 LF of 2"-15" PVC SDR 35 pipeline, inlet risers, concrete inlets, several stormwater treatment units, 36" perforated HDPE pipe, filter fabric, and a storm water sump pump.

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