Project Name:Caltech Linde + Robinson (4298)

Location:Pasadena, CA


Contract Value:$ 315,986.00

Project Summary:

At California Institute of Technology's (CIT) Linde + Robinson Laboratory For Global Environmental Science renovation construction project, Kana Pipeline installed a water-efficient 40,000 gallon Xerxes 100% fiberglass tank that measured 57'L x 12' W, among other underground wet utility pipelines - such as offsite sewer and water pipelines, fireline service, and storm drainage systems including French drains and trench drains.

Highlights: Offsite and onsite sewer totaling approximately 300LF of pipeline, manholes, cleanouts and a manhole connection to an existing manhole in California Blvd., and sawcut through concrete to perform a core drill through their lower garage wall; water pipeline consisting of approximately 155 LF of ductile iron pipe (DIP), thrust blocks and fittings, that will be connected to the City installed water service and lastly a 4" backflow for domestic water service; Fireline service by connecting to city installed fire stub to install approximately 120LF of 8" DIP Class 350 pipe, storm drainage systems including French drains and trench drains and a Contech CDS Drainage System Unit. Also, Kana will install a Xerxes 40,000 gallon 100% fiberglass tank which will be used for water efficient landscaping, a Green Building application. This tank measures 57 feet long by 12 feet wide.

Water-Tank.JPG Installed-Tank.JPG

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