Project Name:California Commerce Center (3429)

Location:Ontario, CA


Contract Value:$ 3,288,952.00

Project Summary:

Kana installed underground sewer, offsite domestic and onsite reclaimed water pipelines, as well as storm drainage systems to build this large commercial office park alongside Francis Street and Milliken Avenue areas.

Highlights: Installed approximately 2,400 LF of VCP sewer, cleanouts, monitoring manholes, backwater sewer valves; connecting and installing 12" CML&C pipeline, offsite fire hydrants, hot taps, water meters, water services, blow offs, air release valve assemblies, gate valves, compact tees, restraint joints, purple C-900 Class 200 reclaimed water pipe, CL350 Ductile Iron Pipe; approximately 800 LF of 6-inch to 18-inch PVC SRD 35 drainage pipe, approximately 8,500 LF of 12-inch to 42-inch RCP pipe, approximately 1,180 LF of 30-inch of perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP), infiltration trench, CMP inlet, catch basins, local depressions, curbside grating catch basin, transition structure, drain boxes, stormgate manholes, 10x4 Vortech 2000, 14x8 Vortech 7000 filters, and 9x3 Vortech 1000 filters, Maxwell Drains with rip rap, parkway culverts, and [Bio-Clean] skimmer boxes.

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