Project Name:Cal State Fullerton Parking Structure # 4 (4161)

Location:Fullerton, CA


Contract Value:$390,073.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline is installed new domestic water, fire line, and storm drainage to support the University's new parking structure.

Highlights:Kana Pipeline installed approximately 3,000 LF of 6", 8" and 12" PVC pipe for new Domestic Water and Fireline Mains, Fire Hydrants, Hot Taps, 4-Way Fire Department Connection, Water Services, Fire Sprinkler Risers, Roof Drains, Atrium Grates, Catch Basins, Contech Clarifier CDS 2025 Stormwater Filtration Unit, Concrete Collars, Manholes, and Asphalt Patching.

Roof Drains.jpgFireline.jpg

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