Project Name:Cahuenga Tract (6183)

Location:Los Angeles, CA


Contract Value:$400,000’s

Project Summary:

Private Sewer, Private Fire Line, Water Pipeline, Private Storm Drainage Systems for new residential housing tract in Los Angeles.


Private sewer work includes joining existing main with 8" PVC and 6" PVC; approx 800 LF, cleanouts, laterals, lay flat wyes, and a concrete blanket.

Private Fireline and Water Pipeline main work consist of over 800 LF of 4" PVC C900 private main, gate valves, reduced pressure principle device assemblies, over 40 water services, over 400 LF of 8" 10" and 12" PVC C-900 fire main, a 10" detector check assembly, 8" gate valves, fire department connection and post indicator valve, and fire hydrant assemblies.

Private Storm Drainage Systems work consists of connecting to existing 30-inch High Density Poly Ethylene pipe and connecting to 18-inch drain boxes, installing over 450 LF of HDPE pipe, Concrete encasements, over 1000 LF of 6", 12" and 18" HDPE pipeline as well as 18" RCP pipe, 18x18 concrete inlets, storm drain manholes, catch basis, and parkway drains.

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