Project Name:Brickyard (7168)

Location:Compton, CA


Contract Value:$ 2,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Pipeline infrastructure for a new 58-acre development on which a 1,154,000 SF light industrial park will be built.


Offsite and Onsite Sewer - over 4,000 LF of sewer pipeline, sewer manholes, sewer cleanouts, building connections, rechanneling existing manhole bases.

Offsite and Onsite Storm Drainage Systems - Over 10,000 LF of HDPE pipeline, 42" RCP pipeline, transition box, concrete collars, storm drain manholes, catch basins, catch basin filters, corrugated metal risers, outfall structures, infiltration basins, Contech ® CDS Units, storm gates, curb drains

Onsite and Offsite Water Pipeline - Over 3,000 LF of ductile iron pipeline, water services, gate valves, public fire hydrants, backflows, water laterals, connections to new water services,

Street Improvements including adjusting existing sewer manholes and valve boxes to grade.

This project is forecasted to have an economic impact to the greater community of OVER $100MM per year.

This piece of industrial land was once a brickyard so the site is called, "The Brickyard."

Special Note: Kana Pipeline received an official Cal-OSHA Golden Gate Partnership Recognition Certificate for safe construction work on this project. Follow us on Linked In and visit our website Press Releases page for more forth-coming information.

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