Project Name:Berry Ave and Garza Avenue Sewer Modifications (4926)

Location:Garden Grove, CA

Type:Public Works

Contract Value:$ 102,115.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline is modifying the City's sewer mainlines on Berry and Garza Avenues with new sewer pipeline and new sewer manholes.

Highlights:For Berry Avenue and Garza Avenue, Kana Pipeline replaced with two (2) existing 48 inch drop manholes and installed two (2) new 48 inch drop manholes. Kana installed sewer pipeline in the public right-of-way, consisting of 8 inch PVC C900 CL 200 pipe, sewer by-pass, fittings and other appurtenances, including 6 inch concrete encasement from top of new sewer pipe.

Forming Manhole Bottom for New Sewer Mainline.jpgSewer Manhole in Street.jpg

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