Project Name:Barton Place (8087)

Location:Cypress, CA


Contract Value:$ 2,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Wet utility pipeline installation for a new active lifestyle community in Orange County.


Sewer pipeline includes over 10,000 LF of 4'-8" PVC sewer mainline, sewer manholes, sewer backwater valves, removal of asphalt and base pave

Water pipeline includes over grouped water services, fire hydrants, reduced pressure backflows, air vac assemblies, ductile iron pipe, irrigation services, asphalt removal and base pave

Storm drainage systems includes over 2,900 LF of 12" - 36" HDPE pipeline with fittings, storm drain manholes, catch basins, splitter boxes, Inserta Tees, Area drainage work includes over 15,9000 LF of 4" - 8" PVC laterals and mainline.

This project is also known as Flora At Ovation.

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