Project Name:Anaheim Country Inn (7293)

Location:Anaheim, CA


Contract Value:$ 500,000’s

Project Summary:

Underground wet utility construction for a new hotel, near Disneyland, underway.


Water Pipeline consisting of hot taps, ductile iron pipeline installation, double detector check assembly, domestic meter assembly, water meters, fire hydrants, gate valves, reduced pressure backflow device

Over 700 L Fof PVC C-900 Class 200 Fireline pipeline, fire sprinkler riser, fire department connection, private fire hydrant assembly, testing and flushing of fire system

Over 1,200 LF of PVC Storm Drainage pipeline, parkway drain, 3" forced main, Contech Chambermaxx ® Stormwater Chamber System ("dog houses"), 48" diversion manhole, ACO trench drain, grated catch basins, Clearwater filter

Sewer includes potholing for existing utilities, traffic control; over 400 LF of sewer clay pipe and over 200 LF of PVC sewer pipeline, slurry backfill, several 48" diameter maintenance holes, sewer cleanouts, and removing onsite sewer outside of building footprint

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