Project Name:Anaheim Concourse (6229)

Location:Anaheim, CA


Contract Value:$400,000’s

Project Summary:

Installing drainage systems for master planned industrial and office development.


Anaheim Concourse is part of a 5-phase, 2.3 million square foot, 120 acre master planned industrial and office development situated within the heart of the Anaheim Canyon area, providing immediate access to 3 major freeways (91, 55 & 57) as well as numerous amenities.*

Kana Pipeline's work consist of installing storm drainage systems and possibly more work than described below pending other contracts. Kana Pipeline will be removing sections of 18", 36" and 48" RCP pipe and also installing new storm drain manholes with pressure shafting, with over 1,500 LF of combined 18", 36" 48" and 66" RCP pipeline, 36" HDPE pipe and fittings, 48" CMP Riser Desilters, Junction Structures and concrete collars.

Construction work is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2014, as a LEED-Certified industrial facility, located between La Palma and E. Miraloma Ave.

* This information pulled from Anaheim Advertising Supplement in Orange County Business Journal, dated September 2, 2013 p. B-33.


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