Project Name:Academy Charter HS (5769)

Location:Santa Ana, CA


Contract Value:$800,000’s

Project Summary:

Pipeline construction began May 2013 for estimated completion in 2014.


Water and Fireline pipeline construction consisting of over 4,400 Lf of 1.5" through 8" PVC Class 200 pipe, and Schedule 80 PVC pipe and fittings, backflows, detector checks, fire hydrant assemblies, hot taps, irrigation services, Post Indicator Valves with Tamper Switches, check valves and 2-way Fire Department Connections, fittings, flushing and testing.

Sewer pipeline installation consists of installing over 1,400 LF of 4"-6" PVC SDR 35 pipe and fittings, cleanouts, sewer saddles, and video of completed sewer installation.

Storm drainage systems consist of various pipe diameters through curb, over 700 LF of 4" and 6" PVC SDR 35 pipe and fittings, over 30LF of ductile iron pipe (DIP) force main from sump pumps, outlet structures for 8" pipe, storm drain cleanouts, catch basins and local depressions; Drywells, 2 pump stations with 72" Wet Well, Pumps and Wall Mounted Panel

Gas Line work consisting of installing over 2,000 LF of 2" and 3" HDPE Pipe and fittings, shut off valve, steel risers and testing of new lines.

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