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September 29, 2014

Kana Pipeline Trains Active Duty Military in OSHA 30

Unique OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety Training Makes Corporate History

PLACENTIA, Calif, - A special Graduation Celebration Luncheon Service was held at Kana Pipeline's office to mark a historic accomplishment for the Company. It is the first time that a corporate OSHA 30 Hour training course has included active military.

Further, Kana's Student Apprentices from the Company's in-house employee-only pipeline construction training division, together with several Active Duty Marine Corps Sergeants participated in what was also a unique OSHA 30 Hour training experience.

This construction safety training provided a lot more than the routinely expected OSHA 30 classroom-style training. It included field work in OSHA 30 Hour subjects, certifications in Confined Space, Excavation and Soil Mechanics, Traffic Control and First Aid/CPR.

In attendance was Sergeant Major Dan Krause of the 1st Combat Engineering Battalion. He came to see three of his active duty Marines graduate from the company-sponsored OSHA 30 Hour training course. Krause had taken an active part in discussions about ways that Marine Combat Engineers can prepare themselves for the civilian construction industry before they leave the service.

Kana Pipeline's OSHA 30 Hour construction training course was taught by its very own Director of Environment Health and Safety, Henry Miranda, also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and one of several military veterans currently employed by Kana Pipeline.

"Safety is the fabric that this industry rests on" was Miranda's introduction at the ceremony, "but this wasn't your typical 30-hour classroom-type training." This training took place over the course of 3 weeks; 15 business days. About 25% of this training occurred in-class, followed by 75% field visits for the purpose of providing hands-on experience with sewer pipeline, water and storm drainage systems construction.

"This is the only corporate OSHA 30 Hour training course that includes active duty military personnel to my knowledge," said Russell Levy, JD, Employment Director at Veterans First and 1st Vice chair of the OC Veterans Employment Committee (OCVEC) in his address to the graduates.

Levy's unprecedented outreach efforts played an integral part in making this historic connection between a Federal institution and a for-profit business. Levy helps military personnel transition into the civilian work force by transferring their military experience into civilian job skills that match employer's needs before they leave military service.

The OCVEC paid Kana Pipeline $150.00 per Marine to complete the OSHA 30 Hour training. Kana Pipeline, in turn, took the $450 payment for the 3 military trainees, and donated it to another non-profit organization that directly benefits veterans called, The Independence Fund - a 100% volunteer organization that works to provide necessary tools and therapies for injured veterans that would otherwise not be provided elsewhere.

"It's our way to continue to serve and give back," said Erick Castro, Purple Heart U.S. Army Veteran and Staff Accountant at Kana Pipeline, who accepted the $ 450.00 donation on behalf of The Independence Fund of which he is an active Board Member.

[From Left to Right: Daniel Locke, President, Kana Pipeline; Erick Castro, Staff Accountant, Kana Pipeline; Doug Fenstermacher, Director of Training and Facilities, Kana Pipeline.]

"Involving military personnel in this way will help give them a glimpse of what the real world has to offer ... because we know you're not in the real world," said Kana Pipeline's Director of Training and Facilities, Doug Fenstermacher, who is also a retired U.S. Army Corps Veteran.

"In a very small, but deep way, we are allowing them to experience our line of work," said Miranda. Further, it was recognized that these military leaders have the esprit de corps, honor, courage, character and so many other intangible qualities, which are simply not that easy to find.

When asked for comments about the safety training course, Staff Sergeant Gonzales, a 10-year Active Duty Marine said overall, he "got a good feeling of what underground pipeline construction was all about." Gonzales has had previous construction experience, but never in underground pipeline.

[From Left to Right: Sergeant Major Dan Krause, Staff Sergeant Michael Gonzales]

Sergeant Brewer, an 8-year Active Duty Marine said, "This course far exceeded my expectations."

"I haven't found anyone else in the Country who trains active duty service members alongside civilians before they leave the military. This is something that I wanted to do for a long time and you guys are making history," said Levy.


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