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May 08, 2014

Kana Teams Up with URS Corporation and BKT

Groundwater Cleanup Design-Build Project Awarded to Kana Pipeline's Sister Company, Kana Engineering Group

Barstow's City Council approved the contract award of the Soap Mine Road Area Groundwater Cleanup Design & Build Project to Kana Engineering Group, Inc. earlier last month. This Contract would allow the City to begin operating a groundwater cleanup program by November 10th to reduce Nitrate-N concentration levels.

To accomplish this, Kana Engineering Group teamed up with URS Corporation - one of the world's largest and finest engineering, construction and technical services firm.

Oliver Chi, Assistant City Manager, reported that the only way to meet the imposed deadline was to endorse a design and build process. This would likely require a joint venture team of highly experienced engineering and general contracting firms to collaborate on the remediation of this groundwater project.

"Not many people can do this," said Daniel Locke, Chief Executive Officer of Kana Engineering Group. The competitive RFP was based on qualifications, methodology, experience and mechanical design.

Carollo Engineers/PCL Construction and Tetra Tech/Pascal & Ludwig were among others who submitted their proposals. The Kana team delivered a powerful presentation with the slogan, "Innovation Beyond Waste."

Implementation of the ground water project must consist of a reliable engineering solution to comply with the time-sensitive clean-up, while providing the most economical methods of achieving the target effluent levels - with the lowest possible operation and maintenance costs.

Additionally, the Kana and URS teams aim to deliver a system that offers flexibility with future changes in the basin.

"URS is very excited to be part of this important project to assist Kana and the City of Barstow on this Clean-up and Abatement project," stated Mike Agbodo, Project Engineer and Design Manager at URS. URS has extensive experience in groundwater remediation, and brings a wealth of experience to this project in designing a cost-effective solution.

Kana Engineering Group also teamed up with internationally-acclaimed equipment manufacturer, BKT for the Bio Filtration Plant. BKT has more than 30 reference sites for the proposed technology worldwide.

The team's proposed Bio-Filtration Plant for nitrate removal is estimated to take anywhere from 15-20 years. "This is a large undertaking," said Locke, but added he was, "proud to be setting a new legacy for the company."

Working together under the Kana umbrella and leadership, the design team has provided the most economical method for achieving target effluent levels.

"Between Kana Engineering Group, BKT, and URS, we have developed a system that offers Flexibility and Reliability as well as the most economical engineering solution to comply with this time sensitive Clean-up Project," reaffirmed Locke upon hearing news of the award.

About Kana Engineering Group:
Kana Engineering Group was established to construct Design and Build Projects, as a General Engineering Contractor for water works, sewer treatment, solar, oil, gas, mining and various other industrial projects providing services to public and private agencies throughout Southern California. The Group's key staff and personnel have more than one hundred years of experience in the Design and Build Arena and have a legacy of successfully delivering top quality performance on schedule and within budget while tailoring to the individual needs of the client.

The Group also specializes in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) - vacuum utility potholing and private utility locating services. The Founder of Kana Engineering Group is also the Founder, CEO and President of Kana Pipeline, Mr. Daniel Locke.

About Kana Pipeline:
Kana Pipeline was founded by current President and CEO, Mr. Daniel Locke in 1984. As a leading underground wet utility pipeline construction company in Southern California, Kana Pipeline specializes in the installation of water pipeline, sewer, fire lines and storm drainage systems for public and private residential, commercial, industrial and institutional new developments.

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