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September 30, 2013

Daniel Locke Launches Kana Engineering Group

Kana Engineering Group Open for Business

Kana Pipeline's President and CEO, Daniel Locke, was pleased to announce the start of a new company he founded, Kana Engineering Group, Inc., (KEG). Word of this welcomed news came earlier in this year when Locke held a special meeting to make the formal announcement.

This new Company was formed under a different contractor's license, and established to construct a diverse range of projects as a General Engineering Contractor for water works and industrial projects, providing professional civil engineering and construction services throughout Southern California. KEG may complement Kana Pipeline's work as needed when the opportunity arises. This would depend on the individual project needs of private clients and public agencies.

Kana Engineering Group provides a diverse range of general construction services such as installation of water treatment plants, pump stations and sewer treatment plants for both public and private arena.

Kana Pipeline will have the opportunity to bid this work into their pipeline proposals if needed, by working with Kana Engineering Group for these special cases that call for such work outside of Kana Pipeline's ordinary wet utility pipeline installation scope of work.

Kana Engineering Group's staff has over 100 years' experience company-wide.

Furthermore, Kana Engineering Group's qualifications, credentials and their combined work history are impressive to say the least. The team prides itself in performing the best possible services with the highest level of safety, efficiency and professionalism. This is summarized by their mottos, "Your Partner in General Engineering Construction" and "Putting One's Safety Before Anything Else."

"I have never seen a team of people work so hard in the bidding process," - said Locke. Locke, who has been in their office on "bid day," was impressed by their conference room layout which was well organized and sectioned off with pertinent bid documents spread throughout. The team aspires to get the best competitive pricing and is routinely involved in value engineering with venders to achieve a cost effective working product for the owner / agency. Acquisition of materials for their work stretches as far as the international domain when competing for the best pricing.

Locke admits that bidding competitively to be the lowest responsible qualified bidder is not an easy task. His team work relentlessly on their proposals. Averaging 1-2 bids per week, the staff has been known to work nights and weekends to meet much needed demands that come with bidding large projects.

Upon competing with seven other bidders for construction involving improvements to a wastewater treatment plant, Kana Engineering Group's hard work paid off. Locke announced they celebrated the award of an $8.1 million USD contract from the City of Barstow, CA. KEG came in as the lowest responsible bidder for "well needed" ... "improvements to an existing wastewater treatment plant that hasn't had an overhaul in over 40 years" - according to Chief Plant Operator, Kody Tompkins. Construction is expected to start next month and is scheduled for completion in 18 months.

Kana Engineering Group's office is located in Ranch Cucamonga, CA in one of the Inland Empire's 10 largest cities. Stay tuned for their new website coming soon.

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Media Relations:
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About Kana Pipeline:
Kana Pipeline was founded by Mr. Daniel Locke in 1984. As a leading underground wet utility pipeline construction company in Southern California, Kana pipeline specializes in the installation of water pipeline, sewer, fireline and storm drainage systems for public and private residential, commercial, industrial and institutional new developments.

About Kana Engineering Group:
Kana Engineering Group, Inc. was founded by the longtime well-established pipeline contractor, Daniel Locke, of Kana Pipeline, Inc. The Group's goal is to construct projects as a general engineering contractor for water works, sewer treatment, solar, oil, gas, mining and various other industrial projects, providing services to public and private agencies throughout Southern California.

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