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May 23, 2011

Pipeline Construction starts on the Largest Apartment Community in the Inland Empire

Kana Pipeline Awarded Corona North Main Street Apartments

Kana Pipeline was recently awarded a $1.2M residential sewer, water and storm drain pipeline construction contract by Wermers Multi-Family Corporation, the General Contractor overseeing the construction work in this long awaited, high profile project. The site of what will be the largest apartment community in the entire Inland Empire (IE), is a gated 404 unit, 4-story apartment community project, called Corona North Main Apartments located in a tentative tract just southwest of the 91 and 15 freeway intersection, in Corona, west of N. Main Street, between Rincon St. and River Rd, covering an area of approximately 12.7 acres.

Barry Weber, Wermers Vice President, in a preconstruction meeting with Kana Pipeline indicated this is a "high-profile project," centrally located in close proximity to City Hall and other municipalities. Sam Dawly, Wermers Project Manager, indicated that contract negotiations resulted in Wermers acquiring the offsite sewer and water improvements as well, rather than being let separately by the City. Construction work began end of April, and Kana Pipeline crews are continuing on with onsite and offsite sewer, domestic water, reclaimed water and storm drainage systems improvements totaling over 10,000 LF of pipeline and respective infrastructures as part of the underground wet utility framework. Fuscoe Engineering, the civil engineering firm who designed wet utility plans called for several drainage-friendly installations such as the "Jellyfish" stormwater treatment unit, and Abtech's "Smart Sponge" filter inserts for curb openings, just to name a few state-of-the-art improvements that Kana Pipeline will be installing soon.

Kana Pipeline's Project Manager, Rizwan "Riz" Rana, also a resident of Corona, indicated he welcomed the opportunity to work in his home city and again with Wermers on another innovative project in addressing complex design/build issues. "We are glad to be a part of a revolution in underground construction that recognizes the need for new and better ways to manage storm water runoff, among other pipeline improvements taking place at this site." Previous to this project, Riz managed the San Sevaine Villas, another Apartment Community project for Wermers, which happened to be the largest apartment community project in the IE previous to this one, and one of several winning 2011 construction projects throughout the US which was recently awarded the Gold Nugget Award of Merit.

With a full recreational facility, pool, spa, BBQ areas, children's playground, and a fully-equipped workout facility, offering 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartment options, this new apartment community will give rise to better opportunities to neighboring commercial retailers, livening up the almost desolate shopping center across the street. Its estimated completion is set for April 2013 and surely destined to spur some retail growth.

About Kana Pipeline:
Kana Pipeline is a leading underground wet utility pipeline construction company that installs sewer, fireline, water pipe and storm drainage systems for public and private residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects throughout Southern California. Kana Pipeline also specializes in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), specifically; vacuum utility potholing and private utility locating services.

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