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April 01, 2011

Placentia Residents Prevent Sewage Spill

Pipeline Employees Step In to Avoid Clogged Sewer from Flooding their Community.

Placentia, CA, April 1, 2011 - City of Placentia residents Stephen Child and Austin Locke observed a foul odor in their neighborhood, a residential community not far from Cal-State Fullerton, from what they suspected was coming from a sewer pipeline main. They also work for Kana Pipeline, who recently completed installing two new sewer laterals for the City of Placentia. They contacted their Superintendent Jose Garcia to investigate further.

When Superintendent Garcia arrived at the site to examine the situation that evening, he popped open a nearby sewer manhole lid and noticed that the sewer was not flowing. "This was not a good situation. If we didn't act fast to remove the clog, the sewer could potentially overflow into the streets." Mr. Garcia decided to call for a jetvac truck to remove the obstruction before matters became worse. He also contacted the City to inform them of the problem and ensure they approved of investigative work that needed to take place that night."We wanted to ensure this situation did not get worse."

The sewage reached near the top of the manhole, but fortunately, the pipeline forces were able to relieve the blockage in time. Afterwards, Kana Pipeline ran a video camera to confirm that the immediate problem was resolved and sewage flow had resumed. Stephen and Austin expressed interest to help and assisted with traffic control measures. "We're glad we could help" said Stephen Child and Austin Locke added, "I'm glad we spoke up and were able to head off a major problem."

Lots of debris, including newspapers, maps and plastic bottles, but mostly grease was found as the main culprit of the stoppage. The City will examine the sewer pipelines to assess whether any further sewer maintenance may be required. Rizwan Rana, Kana Pipeline's project manager, appreciated Stephen and Austin's teamwork to help where they could. "It's good to have employees that care enough to ask questions and assist their neighborhood in the process."

About Kana Pipeline:
Kana Pipeline is a leading underground wet utility pipeline construction company that installs sewer, water pipe, fireline and storm drainage systems for public and private residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects throughout Southern California. Kana Pipeline also specializes in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), specifically; vacuum utility potholing and private utility locating services.

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