Pipeline Construction Companies

Pipeline Construction Companies can be found everywhere especially in Southern California. There are different types of pipeline construction companies that are basically split in two categories; dry and wet utility pipeline companies. These companies are generally contracted by a general construction company, and serve as part of the new construction's pipeline utility infrastructure.There are several types of construction projects where a pipeline construction company may install various forms of pipeline, or utility pipeline systems. However, note that not all utility companies are necessarily pipeline companies.

Dry utility companies such as Edison and Southern California Gas Company specialize in electrical or gas pipelines and related utilities. Some of these dry utilities carry resources in the form of i.e. electrical conduit systems and other communication facilities that may not necessarily be transmitted through a "pipeline" system but rather a "utility" system. In the case of high pressure gas lines, they are non-petroleum pipe lines that hold gaseous, non-liquid, volumes. These dry utilities are typically consist of non-petroleum pipe lines that do not hold liquid volumes inside.

In contrast, there are wet utility pipeline construction companies such as those that install sewer, water pipeline, fireline and storm drainage systems. These types of utilities carry liquid in the pipe, and are therefore called, "wet" utility pipelines for this reason. Residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public works are the general types of construction projects you may notice that could naturally involve both dry utility and wet utility pipeline construction.

Examples of each construction project type listed below:

  • Residential construction projects include those such as single family, multi-family, apartments, condominiums, townhomes, lofts, mixed-use retail residential, with residential directly above the retail stores.
  • Commercial construction projects are those such as shopping centers, hotels, sports complexes, and office buildings.
  • Industrial construction projects are those such as power-generating plans, processing plants, factories and manufacturing facilities.
  • Institutional construction projects are those such as hospitals, correctional facilities, colleges, churches and schools.
  • Public works construction projects are those that are contracted by a publicly funded institution such as a City or a State or Federal Agency. Types of public works projects as it relates to the wet utility pipeline construction industry are sewer, water pipeline and storm drainage system utility "improvements," as they are most commonly called. These types of projects usually occur in the street, in the public right of way, in public sight, such as in public streets, highways, intersections and other publicly owned properties and easements.
With each type of construction project, it takes a knowledgeable pipeline construction company to know and understand the delicate inner workings of each of these types of projects. For example, installing pipeline in a new tract of homes is different than installing commercial pipeline for a shopping center. That is why it's important to know the specific specialty of any pipeline and/or utility contractor in researching pipeline construction companies.