Pipeline Companies

Pipeline companies provide highly specialized services and are essential in the maintenance and construction of our vast network of subsurface pipeline systems. Pipelines range from residential to industrial and literally everywhere in between creating a constant flow of services and utilities that impact everyday life.

Pipeline companies are typically proficient in major construction projects and the flow of various types of services or utilities. Today's modern pipeline systems remove much of the waste we generate, but more importantly supplies us with the energy and resources we use every day.

Pipelines are usually underground, which requires expertise in subsurface utility engineering and knowledge in the intended use of the pipe. Projects always require permitting or approval and construction safety is a primary concern, as pipeline contractors must work in harmony with other subsurface utilities requiring prior location of existing services.

There are two basic categories for pipeline construction, dry utility or wet utility, and pipelines are typically utilities-related. Wet utilities range from sewer and storm drainage systems, to domestic and recycled water and fireline systems. Dry utilities are most often electrical or natural gas related, but there are major differences in the types of materials used for these various pipelines.

Wet utility and pipeline construction is heavily regulated for public safety because it removes waste and pollutants from our homes, businesses and local industry. Pipelines also provide us with non-potable reclaimed or recycled water, and even petroleum-related products for industrial use.

Oil pipelines are one example of above surface wet utilities that transport oil across the nation to refineries. Wet utility pipeline construction and engineering is what facilitates the constant ingress and egress of utilities or services for our modern world.

Dry utility and pipeline construction is typically related to communications, electrical or natural gas utilities that supply these products to nearly all businesses and homes in metropolitan areas.

Communications and electrical services are essential in today's environment and requires appropriate experience to eliminate service interruptions and ensure safety. Natural gas services are non-petroleum gas and require different types of materials and unique standards or regulations for public safety.

Residential pipeline construction covers homes, apartments, condos, single and multi-family dwellings, and other types of housing. Commercial pipeline construction covers facilities such as shopping malls, office buildings, automotive dealerships, and various other types of businesses.

Institutional pipeline construction encompasses large complexes including: hospitals, educational facilities, or even churches. Industrial pipelines pertain to large manufacturing, power plants, factories, processing plants, and other large-scale operations.

Public works pipeline construction covers large infrastructure projects for municipalities, local or state DOT, federal agencies and anything that else that would place pipelines in a public right of way or road and highway.

It is absolutely critical that land developers, general contractors and water and sewer agencies contract with experienced pipeline construction companies that have knowledge of the many types of materials, processes, and regulations. Installing pipeline is much different for a home, than it is a school or airport. It's important for a contractor to be proficient in the many disciplines for each type of construction.

Kana Pipeline has been performing pipeline installation, maintenance, and repair services in Southern California for more than 25 years. Our teams of trained employees are proficient at providing value engineering and keeping projects on schedule.

When selecting pipeline companies it's important to work with experienced contractors who are well versed on the specific type of project. We invite you to learn more about Kana Pipeline and the services we offer by perusing our website. Questions and comments are always welcome and our qualified estimating team is always happy to prepare proposals for pipeline projects.