Kana Pipeline Apprentices Train with Western Water Works

Pipeline Training Begins Mid June

Western Water Works (WWW) and Kana Pipeline’s passionate apprentices will be working together in what will be approximately two straight weeks of intense training relating to pretty much everything about water, sewer and storm drain pipe parts and installation. Kana Pipeline’s team met with Western Water Works earlier last month to discuss the details and finalize plans of this unique venture.

Since the onset of Kana Pipeline, Inc.’s 18-month paid pipeline superintendent apprenticeship program which began in March, Kana Pipeline has provided its student apprentices opportunities to network closely with vendors.

In this instance, WWW will host Kana Pipeline’s superintendent apprentices in what will be a key component to Kana’s apprenticeship training course for water, sewer, and storm drain pipelines. Training will be held WWW’s Chino branch, also known as their “nucleus” for housing their pipeline materials.

Not all wet utility pipeline work is the same. Dominic Scigliano, WWW Team Leader explained that, “this is a very unique industry… but waterworks is still in the dark ages.” This is one reason why WWW regularly hosts in-house training sessions for their staff on a variety of topics, presented by different members within their team.

Water and fireline pipeline-specific materials can be the most complex simply because of the nature in dealing with pressurized systems as opposed to gravity-fed systems such as sewer pipeline and storm drainage systems. Water pipeline systems have restraints and mechanical joint accessories that most other sewer and storm drain systems simply don’t. All in all, WWW carries an extensive database catering to well over one hundred thousand water, sewer, and storm drain related parts.

“We’re in the laboratory here” said Scigliano, “that way, field work won’t get in the way.” Training will be conducted at their warehouse site, with a hands-on approach, learning proper techniques to setup and install fireline, water pipeline and related appurtenances. As a pipeline contractor, it’s known that anything that goes wrong can cost lots of money to fix.

That’s one reason why WWW’s, “plan first; measure twice and cut once” training approach ensures money saving techniques for them and their clientele. Additionally, WWW runs night crews in their Chino and South El Monte locations that cover San Bernardino, Riverside , Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, allowing them to deliver morning, noon and night. Their staff members are “hooked up at home,” making information accessible to them virtually anytime.

Upon entering their Chino Hills office, their motto posted on the wall, “Smooth Running Jobs” and “Start to Finish: People, Products, Systems®,” says a lot about this forward moving company. They have a wall full of specification books and manuals, a uniquely resourceful website and they are “even preparing to launch a mobile app,” according to Richard Campbell, their Director of Marketing.

Doug Fenstermacher, Kana Pipeline’s Training and Development Specialist, calls this union between WWW and Kana Pipeline an “esprit-de-corps” and is delighted to have played an integral part in the setup. Doug’s military-style training approach, combined with his experience in pipeline construction will continue to see Kana Pipeline’s superintendent apprentices through future similar endeavors, creating many more welcoming alliances with vendors in the pipeline construction arena.

“There’s no other program that I’ve seen like it” said Fenstermacher, who is now planning to work with local universities in creating paid internship opportunities for upcoming graduates.

Kana Pipeline’s President, Daniel Locke, has been very supportive of this new training structure within the company. Keeping with one of the company’s slogans, “providing the ultimate contracting experience,” the program serves to help strengthen its personnel experience portfolio, as well as help ensure the firm’s continued business success for generations to come.

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