Pipeline is a lifeline: What we do with it will affect our future.

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Just think about it: Where would we be without precious pipeline infrastructure today? Pipeline often goes unnoticed because it is usually buried underground and forgotten unless there is a problem. For the most part, with pipeline networks in place, we are able to survive and enjoy many benefits that are often taken for granted. Even so, pipelines do wear with time. Pipes get brittle and break and need repair or replacement altogether in order to continue sustaining our lifestyles as well as creating new, thriving neighborhoods. That's where we come in...

President and CEO, Daniel Locke, has over 30 years of pipeline experience. As an industry leader in wet utility pipeline construction, Kana Pipeline specializes in domestic and reclaimed water mains, fire line, sewer, storm drain, concrete structures and related infrastructures. We have worked with both public and private sectors, on commercial, industrial, residential and institutional developments throughout Southern California.

Since the inception of Kana Pipeline, Inc. in 1984, Daniel continues to build teams with integrity, dedicated to the quality and efficiency needed in today's world to successfully complete projects safely, on schedule and under budget. Our staff has over 100 years of combined pipeline construction experience.

What's more, Kana Pipeline now provides vacuum utility potholing and private utility locating services, otherwise, known as SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) to consulting and engineering firms as well as public agencies across California. Who better to locate underground utilities than a company that has been installing them for more than 25 years?

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Each and every project we have presents a unique situation and interesting challenge relating to wet utilities i.e. domestic, and reclaimed waterline, fireline, sewer, storm drainage systems and related structures. We would be honored to share what new construction projects, methodologies, and new advancements are happening in the pipeline and SUE industries.

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