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Kana Pipeline, Inc.,
12620 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: 714-986-1400
Fax: 714-986-1416

License # 461487
Classification A HAZ

You Can Contact Us
24 Hours a day
7 Days a week
365 Days a year

Emergency Hotline 24/7

We will get back to you during our regular business hours:
Mon - Fri
8 AM - 5 PM
(Pacific Standard Time)


Google Earth Localization

We've prepared a Google Earth .KMZ file which contains directions to our place.

Do you have Google Earth installed on your device? If you don't have it, then go ahead and download it from the Google Earth download page. After you've downloaded Google Earth make sure to install it on your device.

As soon as you have Google Earth installed on your device, please click on this icon KMZ Google Earth File and download our .KMZ file.

When the .KMZ file is downloaded to your device, you would have to open Google Earth and then to simply drag and drop our .KMZ file inside the Google Earth application.

That would allow you to find the Kana Pipeline, Inc. headquarters and eventually to get directions to our office from the place you are at the moment.