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Wet utility pipeline construction is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Though the concept of construction is simple, all the schooling in the world cannot replace the experience one gains by actually working in the field, literally in the trenches and hands-on. By its very nature, pipeline construction is very hands-on; pipes don't lay themselves.

As a long-time general engineering contractor specializing in underground wet utility pipeline installation, having an experienced, safe and talented workforce is essential. This is the only way we have continued to thrive year after year, even despite recessionary and economically hard times which we all faced near the dawn of 2007-2008 and for several years thereafter.

Reflecting on what we could do to improve our position as a construction company and embrace the long-time desire to have better education and training for our workers, Daniel Locke, Founder of Kana Pipeline, set forth to start a company pipeline training program, informally, known as Kana University. This program launched to specifically target and train pipeline superintendents in the form of full-time paid apprenticeship opportunities offered to transitioning military and college graduates.

Last month Kana Pipeline held an annual graduation ceremony for its second set of graduates, informally referred to as KU # 2 graduating class, which included: Andy Bisch, a Chapman University Graduate and Army Veteran; David Sul, a Cal-State Dominguez Hills graduate and an Air Force Veteran; Jared Roy, a Cal-Poly Pomona graduate who majored in Construction Engineering and Robert Meler, from Oklahoma, who was recruited from the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton.

The graduating class, as well as some of their immediate families, Kana Pipeline's management, as well as Bruce Himes and Dominic Scigliano of Western Water Works, was in attendance. Leading the ceremony was Kana Pipeline's Director of Training and Facilities, Douglas Fenstermacher, a 30-year retired Sergeant Major in the US Army, who has worked closely with Locke since the onset of this pipeline job superintendent training program.

One of the first year graduates, Austin Locke, said a few words and was involved in recommending improvements for future courses. Justin Dibble, also a previous year graduate, was involved in training the new incoming students.

The new graduates passed their exit exam with a 92 percent average score, compared to 38 percent average entrance exam score. The students created a heartwarming video that summarized their water and sewer experience and were cheered on by others for their accomplishments. Fenstermacher recounted a quote by one of his heroes, Vince Lombardi, "The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work." Himes added the Boys Republic motto, "Nothing Without Labor."

Stay tuned to learn more about next year's training program. Any interested potential candidates are welcome to contact Human Resources for enrollment as a wet utility pipeline professional.

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From left to right: Andy Bisch, David Sul, Robert Meler, Jared Roy

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