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You might be asking yourself, "So how did that pipeline training with Western Water Works and Kana Pipeline Student Apprentices go earlier last month anyway?" July 1st was "Graduation Day" - after two hot, intensive, but fun weeks spent mostly outdoors, at Western Water Works facility in Chino, CA.

Students, including a few from other pipeline construction companies came, joined in and learned the ins and outs of underground pipeline installation - sewer, water pipeline and storm drainage systems, as part of the first ever, "Waterworks 101" pipeline training course.

Pipeline training students worked with simulated construction field conditions. They got a little wet in the process but "wanted to get a little wet" while working outdoors in the sunny heat. Students learned to solder and pressure test to where there were "no leaks" - a good sign of successful water pipeline workmanship. Meuller, a popular supplier of potable water distribution products, came out and worked with the students, conducting a 6 on 6 "large" diameter hot tap using a tapping machine. Everyone go to try it out as part of water pipeline installation simulation.

Students created a sewer pipeline lateral with PVC pipe, simulating a sewer pipeline installation. They also created a fireline hydrant lateral. "Everyone took charge." said Dominic Scigliano, Director of Marketing for WWW, who was the key instructor throughout this entire two-week training course.

The teamwork exhibited for this first training class was evident in the smiles and positive attitudes beaming in the classroom. Scigliano added, "It's obvious that two companies are trying to go in one direction." Daniel Locke, President and CEO of Kana Pipeline attended this special culmination ceremony, nodded in agreement.

Western Water Works used their creative 120-deck of cards that each illustrates a different part to build pipeline assemblies, which challenged the team to put together parts without having them physically available.

Also, as part of the construction pipeline training, students acted as a vendor, pulling orders together "A-Z" in the supplier's warehouse - to get a supplier's point of view. This showed the importance of submitting a detailed order so that it can be properly executed with all the correct parts.

"We didn't waste any time" - said Kana Pipeline Apprentice Mikhail Dolinskiy, a former Project Coordinator with Kana Pipeline, who was part of the selected team to join in this collaboration. Dolinskiy added that they "not only gained knowledge, but they gained a friend in the business" referring to Scigliano's coaching style throughout the course and the trust he earned from the group.

"We did it all, and we did it in two weeks" added Scigliano. Scigliano completed the ceremony by issuing certificates of completion, including a moving and comedic PowerPoint presentation, complete with music, photo clips and even a movie clip from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, "Learn it, Know it, and Live It" which seemed to be the revolving theme inherent throughout this course, reflective of the learning style. Students learned more than just lessons, but "life lessons," as students who agreed would put it.

Below are a couple of photos highlighting the first of many more training sessions to come. To learn more about Kana Pipeline's Apprenticeship pipeline contractor training program and how to join, please contact us and ask to speak with our Training and Development Specialist.

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