Storm Drain Chambers

Did you know that storm drain chambers can process millions of gallons of water per day? It's hard to believe these compact half-domed plastic pipe halves can convey so much water volume, but they can.

It's a good thing storm drain chambers are so efficient. Otherwise, people would spend a good part of their day dealing with flooding every time it rained or snow began to melt. Instead, civil engineers developed systems that can effectively and efficiently make good use of excess water through a series of these unique underground pipes.

Since entire communities make use of drainage systems municipalities are requiring more and more that developers plan these communities to retain as much water on site, before entering main drainage pipelines that lead to our oceans. This will also help prevent municipal-owned drainage systems from becoming clogged with debris and fail when needed most.

A substantial amount of hazardous toxins are introduced into waterways via storm drains on a daily basis. While laws are in place against directly dumping contaminants into systems, toxins come from other sources that are part of daily life.

Common activities that add to water pollution include: watering fertilized lawns; using detergents to wash motor vehicles; changing auto fluids in driveways; and not cleaning up after pets.

It takes a great deal of planning to design and install storm drainage structures. The process begins with civil engineers creating blueprints. Land surveys are conducted, along with subsurface utility engineering methods.

Once plans pass the approval process, concrete storm drain builders begin the process of excavation. Trenches are prepared to house chambers, underground water storage tanks and other pipelines as called for on plans. Chambers are a unique type of drainage system unlike any other. First, they look different and can be immediately recognized by their typically yellow color and half-domed, ribbed shape.


They are surprisingly strong and can hold a substantial amount of weight above them. Chambers are installed over wide areas, usually directly underneath paved parking lots, without being visible to the naked whatsoever after construction is complete. Chambers may be used as a drainage retention or detention system, depending on the permeability of soil that is natural to the surrounding environment beneath where these chambers are installed.

Curb inlets are also installed along sidewalks, streets, highways. The process of installing entire systems is quite complex and must be error-free to avert catastrophe.

The amount of pipeline needed to transport water to the nearest body of water can be extensive. In situations where there isn't a convenient point of discharge, systems can route water to a wet or dry retention pond. From here it can be transported to a different location or slowly released into the ground.

Due to the fact drainage systems carry hazardous waste they must be manufactured and installed in accordance with EPA guidelines. Since it's impossible to have total control over what is placed into the system it's important for everyone to be more aware of what they contribute.

Nearly every town and city offers a hazardous waste disposal program where household cleaning products, paint, batteries, and motor oil can be dumped. These types of programs offer consumer tips regarding how to reduce contaminants placed into storm drain structures.

Any time installation or maintenance is required on private drainage systems it's important to hire qualified storm drain contractors. Materials and work must comply with regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.

At Kana Pipeline, we possess nearly 30 years experience installing storm drain chambers and systems in California. Read more about the pipeline services we offer or contact us to talk about your upcoming project.

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Published on May 24, 2012 | Comments: 2

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Well, you may, this system will work well in the ice melting season. It will help a lot of businesses. This may be the best drainage system I have ever seen. If there are opportunities or referrals I will cooperate with you. See more at: http://moitruongdeal.vn/tags-cong-nghet-phai-lam-sao.html

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