Commercial Sewer Contractors

Commercial sewer contractors specialize in the installation and maintenance of subsurface utility pipeline infrastructure. The jobs they perform are typically on a much larger scale than residential projects and require use of specialty equipment such as heavy duty excavation machinery.

Commercial sewer contractors perform work on underground sewer systems, storm water drainage systems, and water pipeline. These types of jobs are categorized as "wet" utility construction. Design blueprints for commercial construction are usually created by civil engineers and require contractors with specialized licenses to comply with state and federal guidelines.


Depending on the type of work required, sewer contractors might be hired as a subcontractor or they might act as the general contractor for the project. Much of the work carried out by commercial sewer companies falls into the category of public works which means the job is funded through state and local taxes. Municipal pipeline projects encompass city sewer lines, water lines, and storm drainage systems.

A large percentage of commercial contractors belong to national unions, while others are non-union workers. For the most part, union workers are hired over non-union contractors to perform municipal work. However, non-union companies are allowed to bid on public works projects, but are required to pay employees union wages typically called, "prevailing wages."

It can be challenging for non-union underground contractors to meet the costs of performing public works construction because they often are not paid for several months. The expense of doing commercial work and paying prevailing wages may be cost-prohibitive for non-union sewer contractors.

Homeowners often confuse commercial sewer work with residential "plumbing" work. It's important to note that contractors that perform large-sized commercial pipeline work do not typically conduct tasks related to individual residences.

The primary difference between plumbers and commercial contractors is that plumbers usually conduct work inside houses and buildings, while commercial pipeline contractors usually conduct work on the exterior of buildings where large mainline pipeline are installed underground- also known as "infrastructure" pipeline work.

Business to business sewer contractors have to abide by different guidelines than residential water works contractors because of the broad nature of their work. Municipal work is performed under standards set forth by the Standard Plans for Public Works Construction or American Public Works Association.

Commercial water works sewer contractors are usually employed by the general contractor overseeing the project. However, they might also be employed directly by the public, and serve as the general contractor.

Anytime there is need for commercial sewer repair or installation through the private sector it is imperative to hire experienced contractors that possess an excellent construction safety record, with an experience modification rate (EMR) preferably less than 1.0.

It is advisable to spend time investigating underground contractors and the type of work they perform. Obtain proposals from at least 2-3 contractors and ask for a list of referrals, their active contractors state license number, project resumes, safety records, insurance (auto, general liability and worker's comp) and bonding capacities (payment and performance bonds).

Commercial sewer work is considerably more involved than residential work so it is crucial to hire quality contractors to ensure the project is in compliance with local and national regulations. Selecting the best wet utility contractor for the job can save time and money and lessen the risk of delays often associated with pipeline construction.

If you are in need of experienced commercial sewer contractors in California, we invite you to contact Kana Pipeline to obtain a proposal and discuss your needs. We have provided commercial sewer and water pipeline construction services for nearly 30 years and are happy to speak with you about your upcoming projects.

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