Water Main Contractors

Water main contractors take care of everything from repairing broken sewer lines to installing water and sewer mains. The majority of water pipes are placed underground, so when pipes burst there can still be substantial amount of flooding that rises above ground.

Due to the complexities of systems, water main contractors must receive adequate training to ensure they remain in compliance with EPA regulations. Additionally, contractors go through OSHA and HAZMAT training and must be licensed prior to installing or repairing water pipeline and mains.

In addition to installing water pipeline, contractors are responsible for performing regular maintenance to ensure pipes do not burst. Damaged water mains can have devastating effects that include flooding within residential communities and along roadways, as well as losing a significant amount of drinking water.

Broken water mains can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Numerous municipalities across the nation are facing exorbitant costs to repair or replace aging water pipes. Many regions have not replaced water mains for over a century.

In fact, many states along the Eastern seaboard and in the Midwest still have wooden pipes. The costs to repair these antiquated systems is much higher than repairing PVC pipes because they require the expertise of specialists.

Another problem associated with aging water pipes is cracks that cause water leakages and ultimately large breaks in the main line. Furthermore, when water continuously seeps into the ground a tremendous amount of precious treated drinking water is lost. This in turn causes financial loss to municipalities and taxpayers.

Any time a water main ruptures, residents of the community have to boil water or purchase bottled water to use for drinking, cooking, or bathing to prevent exposure to contaminated water. Municipalities are responsible for notifying residents of broken water mains. The county incurs additional payroll expenses to cover the cost of having employees go door to door and advise residents of potential health hazards.

In addition to repairing and installing water and sewer pipeline, water main contractors may also oversee pipeline construction projects that involve fireline related pipeline work such as fire hydrant and fire department connection installations. Contractors are also called in to disconnect sewer and water mains whenever a property is demolished.

The U.S. is in the midst of replacing antiquated pipeline systems across the country. Therefore, this industry is currently experiencing rapid employment growth. Positions include: fieldwork, office work, heavy equipment operators, laborers, and project managers.

Working in the field requires physical stamina because the work is performed outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. The work is demanding and hours are long; however, the pay is above average and there is considerable room for advancement.

Another booming field of utility construction is green technologies. Great strides have been made in manufacturing environmentally friendly water pipes and components. This sector is expected to experience rapid growth within the next five years.

One area that is rapidly moving to the forefront of green technologies is storm water drainage systems that make use of green concrete vaults. Many municipalities are incorporating green technology into upcoming storm water projects.

Caltech's Linde Robinson Laboratory is a prime example of green technology and is a project that we at Kana Pipeline are proud to be associated with. Kana pipeline has been providing pipeline construction services to southern California since 1984.

Implementing green technologies has provided us with recognition as an industry trendsetter. Not only does Kana have extensive experience with installing storm water mains, we also excel at the other types of wet utility construction - water, fireline and sewer main installation.

Our friendly staff is on hand to answer questions and prepare job estimates for water main and other related wet utility infrastructure projects. Furthermore, if you are interested in a career in pipeline construction we invite you to review our list of pipeline career opportunities and submit an application.

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