Sewer Contractors

Sewer contractors are charged with the task of installing, repairing, and maintaining sewer pipeline. This field requires special training to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Improper installation or repair could result in the release of environmental toxins and sewage into communities and rural areas.

Sewer contractors tend to specialize in one specific field, such as residential, commercial, or public works, but might possess experience in all realms. Sewer pipeline contractors have to be licensed and insured and acquire proper permits prior to commencing with work.

Sewer systems are subjected to harsh conditions on a daily basis, so sewer maintenance is of the utmost importance. Catastrophes can occur when sewer pipeline bursts; causing flooding, sewage backup, and discharge of pollutants into the environment that can result in expensive fines.

Other types of jobs that sewer contractors perform include: installation and repair of fireline, storm drain systems, catch basins, cleanout and backwater valves, and sewer video inspections.

Repair costs for sewer systems are costly, so sewage control is of the greatest importance. One rule of thumb is just because something can fit down the drain, doesn't mean it should go down the drain. Most people are unaware of the toxic waste and pollutants that go along with the waste they are flushing down pipes.

Commercial, industrial, and institutional waste are often more environmentally devastating than household waste. Although there are EPA standards in place, accumulated waste can emit harmful pollutants into waterways and oceans.

Sewer pipeline is vital for the transport and treatment of waste products. While the pipeline is necessary to transport sewerage to treatment plants, sewer manholes are vital for venting gases that form in the system but more importantly for accessing the manholes to maintain them as may be necessary.


Manholes allow maintenance workers to access the pipeline for cleaning and repair. Standard manholes are made of concrete and comprised of a base, shaft, cone, grade ring, and cover.

Waste water is moved through a network of underground sewer pipes using a gravity-powered system. Sewer laterals are connected to branch sewer lines and hooked up to sewer main trunk lines that can be accessed by manholes.

In low-lying and sea level areas where gravity-powered systems aren't as effective, lift stations are installed along the line to increase elevation of sewage and waste. Depending on the terrain, sewer systems might need to include pressurized systems that carry waste to another location for discharge.

Installing, repairing, and maintaining sewer systems is not an easy task and requires skilled sewer contractors to avoid costly and potentially dangerous accidents. Kana Pipeline has earned the reputation of being an industry leader in sewer system installation.

Kana has provided sewer system services to Southern California for more than 25 years. Our highly trained staff is experienced in installation on residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and public works market sectors.

If you are looking for pipeline sewer contactors in Southern California, we encourage you to learn more about Kana Pipeline and the services we offer. We will be happy to discuss your sewer pipeline construction project and provide a project proposal. Our staff is available to assist you weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM PT at 714-986-1400.

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