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Pipeline companies are the driving force behind the installation and maintenance of pipeline networks that crisscross the country. Americans rely on pipelines to provide fuel for their homes and automobiles; have uninterrupted telephone and cable services; acquire fresh water for drinking and bathing; and for sanitary hygiene provided by indoor plumbing.

Pipeline companies install pipes and utility systems in several venues ranging from residential to municipal. Projects can consist of water pipelines, sewer pipelines, fireline, storm drainage systems, communications and electrical conduit systems, natural gas pipelines, or petroleum pipelines used to transfer gas and oil to refineries.

When hiring pipeline contractors is it advisable to seek out experienced companies that are skilled in the specific type of pipeline construction project. Contractors need to be capable of clearing, grading, and trenching the site; stringing, welding, and installing pipeline; and reconstructing the site back to its original state.

Pipeline construction companies ought to be familiar with subsurface utility engineering technology to identify the horizontal and vertical location of installed pipes and utilities. SUE especially, offers multiple benefits to both pipeline and civil engineering companies.

By pinpointing the location of existing pipelines contractors can avoid the expense of redesigning systems; minimize risks of cutting lines or damaging pipes; and improve construction safety at the job site.


Prior to preparing the land for pipeline installation, contractors have to acquire proper permits, along with contractual agreements pertaining to easements and land ownership. Additionally, contractors must provide adequate liability and workers' compensation insurance, and supply evidence of financial stability to ensure they are bondable and capable of completing the job.

There are two primary kinds of pipeline construction companies that include dry utilities and wet utilities. Dry utility construction encompasses projects involving electrical conduit, communications systems, and natural gas. Wet utility pipeline contractors, such as Kana Pipeline, specialize in projects that entail the transfer of liquids including drinking water, rain water, and sewage flow. New sewer main pipeline and storm drainage systems installation are good examples of wet utility pipeline construction projects.

Different types of pipeline are required based on the project application. Projects are categorized as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, or municipal. Each type must comply with governmental regulations. Pipeline contractors need to be licensed in the field of work they perform.

Projects pertaining to homes, apartments, condominium buildings, and other kinds of housing fall into the category of residential. Projects related to businesses, such retail outlets and office buildings are considered commercial construction projects.

Industrial pipelines are utilized in large scale projects including power plants, manufacturing, and processing plants. Institutional pipeline projects consist of schools, colleges, hospitals, and other types of institutions used to provide services to large groups of people, such as churches.

Municipal, Federal or public works pipeline projects are usually the largest kind of pipeline construction project. These types of jobs typically require several designers, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors to complete the job.

The General Contractor is usually responsible for hiring pipeline companies and making certain they hold adequate licenses and insurance. The GC's project manager is charged with keeping projects on schedule and within budget, as well as keeping a watchful eye to ensure all employees, contractors, and subcontractors comply with state and federal laws.

Kana Pipeline possesses more than 25 years experience with installing, repairing, and maintaining wet utility pipelines within Southern California. We excel at keeping projects on time and within budget, while staying focused on construction safety.

Our website offers insights on our company, staff, and the pipeline jobs we have been involved with. We welcome questions and comments and are always happy to provide project proposals for upcoming pipeline construction jobs.

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