Sewer Maintenance

Sewer systems are sensitive creatures which are why maintaining them is so important. If sewer pipelines are not well maintained, they can cause foul odors throughout neighborhoods. This may be a good indication that sewers may be backing up. Sewer pipeline systems should be maintained regularly, cleaned as necessary or simply improved upon with newer and oftentimes larger diameter pipelines in order to withstand more usage, as new residential, commercial and industrial areas become developed.

Sewer pipeline maintenance and improvements will help avoid potential disasters such as those which may result in major "prohibited discharge" violations associated with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) . That is why it's imperative to have a functioning sewer system that runs as smooth as possible. This also means that preventive efforts need to be shared for both the home owner and the City or Sanitary District responsible for the sewer pipeline upkeep.


The list is endless as to what could possibly be dumped in a sewer pipeline. Anything from grease to paper and plastic toiletries has been found. The point is everyone needs to be aware and considerate of the negative implications that follow "dirty" deeds. And, while we are on the topic of sewer pipelines, sewer systems aren't the only ones that can cause flooding and backup.

Storm drainage systems such as catch basins, curb inlets, manholes and other drainage pipeline and channels have the potential for being severely backed up which can subsequently cause flooding in our streets and intersections, especially in the wintertime. Like sewer systems, municipalities also try to keep drainage systems running in good order and free from clog-causing debris.

There are a host of companies that can provide sewer maintenance plans. Whether you are a City or any other municipality, or a private home owner responsible for maintaining your own sewer lateral from the City's main line to your home, contracting with a local knowledgeable pipe cleaning company to clean your sewer lines periodically is one way to prevent sewage line backup. These companies will typically use hydraulic sewer jet cleaners that clean sewer lines with high pressure water hoses as well as suction hoses to remove excess liquids and any trapped debris.

Sewer pipeline systems are in some cases one of the oldest pipeline systems ever to be installed. And, because sewer mains are usually made of clay, there is always the possibility of tree root penetration, which would necessitate the need for replacement of the sewer pipe altogether. Sometimes, clay pipe is replaced with new clay pipe or PVC plastic pipe. The usual recourse to making significant improvements to existing sewers are replacing and installing new sewer pipelines. Another course of action is lining the inside of an existing body of pipe. The former is a typical solution for upgrades that municipalities and residents consider as part of their sewer maintenance plan.

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