Underground wet utilities contractor specializing in sewer, water, storm drain, and fireline installation.

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Founded in 1984, Kana Pipeline is dedicated to being the leading underground wet utility contractor in California. With over 35 years of experience, our team has the expertise and knowledge to keep your projects running safely, on time, and within budget. We’ll provide exceptional contracting services that you can rely on.

We service private and public entities in commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional developments. As your premier contractor, Kana Pipeline will install sewer, water, fire line, storm drain, and other storm drain structure systems for any contractor or developer. We can provide vacuum utility potholing and private utility locating services known as subsurface utility engineering (SUE) to keep utility lines, workers, and project sites safer.

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Storm Drainage Systems

Kana installs large scale storm drainage systems, which play an integral role in our California ecosystem. We provide residential, commercial, and municipal projects.


Fireline installation is the first line of defense against fires. Protect the public, and yourself, and trust Kana Pipeline to provide an underground fireline from the municipality’s water main to feed your large facility, business, or home.

Water Pipeline

As an industry leader in water pipeline construction, we specialize in delivering water to communities across California. With our comprehensive planning and pipeline services, we can construct water pipeline distribution systems for residential, commercial, and municipal projects.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Kana Pipeline can gather reliable underground utility data prior to starting any construction project. We help eliminate delays and extra costs associated with existing underground utilities that get in the way of even the simplest construction project


At Kana Pipeline, our knowledgeable team has experience installing residential, commercial, and municipal sewer systems. Proper installation and maintenance of sewer systems is critical to both public and environmental safety. Working closely with civil engineers, we strive to provide the ultimate contracting experience for both the public and private sectors. 

Affiliate Companies

Kana Subsurface Engineering

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

Kana Subsurface Engineering offers underground utility installation, air vacuum potholing and utility locating making KSE a “One Stop Shop” for Agencies, Designers, Developers and General Contractors. KSE offers its full service, which includes capabilities of water, sewer, storm drain & conduit installation, air vacuum potholing including asphalt repairs, trenching, confined space vault inspections, including permitting, traffic control and final reports to provide complete projects for our customers.

Union Proud! Kana Development Group

Founded in 2022, Kana Development was formed to meet the needs and changing requirements of the Southern California construction industry.

KDG is proud to have partnered with the local unions to better serve the growing need for Union Construction Services. 

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