Kana Pipeline is committed to being your premier underground wet utility pipeline and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) contractor. As a leading professional pipe line contracting company for more than 30 years, we have the experience and knowledge you can trust to keep your projects running safely, on time, and within budget.

Kana Pipeline has worked on a multitude of projects throughout Southern California ranging in contracts from a few thousand to several million dollars. As a commercial water pipeline and storm sewer system contractor installing various sewer, water, fire line and storm drainage systems, we can conveniently provide you with one quote to encompass all of these underground wet utilities.

Our pipeline services include pipe line installation of sewer, domestic water and reclaimed water, fireline, storm drainage systems, concrete drainage structures, pump stations, storm drainage filtration structures, and paving in conjunction with water pipeline, as well as other wet utility work.

Under our SUE division, we provide complete potholing and utility location services which help ensure that pipelines can be installed as designed per plan, reducing or eliminating costs associated with plan changes and further rework. This is added reassurance that your pipeline project can be installed according to contracted plans.

The combination of our pipeline and SUE services are extremely advantageous. We can tie together an installation plan that not only reduces the likelihood of any plan changes, but allows for more accurate as-built documentation, increased safety, and helps ensure timelier project completion.

Whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, public or private in nature, you can depend on Kana Pipeline's knowledgeable and experienced estimators and project managers to provide you with value engineering and identify important cost-saving opportunities.

Whether you are a general contractor, home builder, private land developer, municipality, consulting engineering firm, specialty agency or district, you can rely on Kana Pipeline to work within tight construction sites and schedules while accommodating existing utilities and minimizing disruption to surrounding neighbors.

By performing most of the work internally and subcontracting very modestly, Kana Pipeline is able to gain better control of costs, resulting in substantial savings to you. We own a complete line of construction equipment which is supported by our fulltime maintenance staff; allowing the flexibility to work productively and efficiently.

Repeat business demonstrates Kana's commitment to customer success. Maintaining and fostering new business relationships with existing and potential clients and vendors are very important to us. We stand proud alongside quality vendors who work diligently to provide the best materials and prices to save you money.

Your success is our success. Kana Pipeline team members are here and ready, standing by our commitment to quality, safety, timeliness, to stay within budget, and ensure your success. We would be honored to work with you on your next project and provide you with the ultimate contracting experience.

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